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DIY Internet of Things for everyone

ESP8266 Wake-On-LAN Button

ESP8266 Wake-On-LAN Button

DIY The Things Network LoRa Gateway using iC880A-spi and a Raspberry Pi

Introduction In this post i am going to make a The Things Network LoRa-WAN gateway using an Raspberry Pi 3b+ connected to an IC880a-spi lora concentrator board. Parts required -Raspberry Pi 3b+ (Everything newer then a Raspberry pi 2 should work) -IMST iC880A-SPI LoRa Concentrator board -Antenna and connector cable -Jumper wires -PCB Backplane (optional)…
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Installing Proxmox VE on an old Computer

Introduction Almost every project that i do involves some sort of server or computer. To prevent my house from having Raspberry pi’s and noisy power hungry computers scattered all around i am using a Proxmox Virtual Environment server. This basically is one computer with multiple computers inside. The big computer is called the Hypervisor and…
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Showing MySQL data on an LCD display using ESP8266

Showing MySQL data on an LCD using ESP8266

Sending data from the ESP8266 to MySQL directly

Sending data from BME280 attached to an ESP8266 directly to an MySQL database without any additional steps.

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